Prova Il Nostro Ultimo Prototipo.

Adam Aarons

Questa settimana cominceremo i test di ultima prototipo. Emozionante volte a Rainpal. Le cose buone richiedono tempo e Rainpal sarà il solo elettrico tergicristallo nel mondo, rendendo i viaggi più sicuro e meno stressante.

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  • BobF su

    I see the latest update from you folks is from March, and the other comment listed here is from May – it’s been another two months and I am wondering if there is an ETA on delivery?

  • Rudiger su

    Exciting times for everyone who’s waiting for Rainpal. It’s going to be the must have accessory of the year and the finished final version can’t be far away now. This time of year is always bad for visors fogging up, I know that Rainpal will make my daily commute safer.
    The launch party is going to have to be big, are we invited?

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